You plan and you plan, and then a global pandemic hits the world, and you quickly have to think on your feet to change and tailor your contact strategy. We could all use a helping hand and a reminder of the best communication practices, so we’ve put together 3 ways to think about your contact strategy for a new normal. 

  1. Listen to Your Customers’ Current Concerns 

We can’t stress this point enough. To come across as a personable and reliable resource for your customers, it is important to listen and validate their current concerns. When thinking about your contact strategy in light of COVID-19, think about what your customers need right now. Sales is all about solving problems and adding value to your customer, so make sure you are communicating that first and foremost. 

  1. Holistically Revamp Your Communications Strategy 

It’s always good to give your communication strategy a fresh look every quarter, but especially now. It’s important to make sure that it is aligned with your customers’ current needs and the climate of our world. Today our messaging looks different, the way people are thinking about things is different, and even the language that people are now using is different; for example, how often were you saying the word quarantine or mask before March? 

  1. Empower Your Agents With Strong Technology 

COVID-19 has changed all aspects of life, including the way call centers are currently operating. Most are now leaning toward artificial intelligence and automation while maintaining strong customer relationships. With Voapps DirectDrop Voicemail, you can operate all efforts from home, customize and personalize your voicemails, and build strong customer relationships. 

To discuss the unique ways you and your business can utilize DirectDrop Voicemail during this time, and think about your contact strategy in light of our new-normal, schedule time with one of our team members here

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