In the last year, call centers have pivoted to remote work models and have become much more innovative and modernized in their approach to the business. With this newfound innovation, call center agents have had to become much more flexible in their work. With our DirectDrop Voicemail tool, we believe that call centers can continue to further their business success and flexibility. 

3 Ways that DirectDrop Voicemail Improves Flexibility: 

1. You Don’t Even Have to Touch the Phone 

DirectDrop Voicemail provides a way for call centers to optimize operations. By using DirectDrop Voicemail technology, you can deliver a voicemail to a mobile number without ever calling the phone. This allows for your business to run much more efficiently and gives your agents the flexibility and bandwidth to focus on what they’re good at. 

2. Your Agents Have More Bandwidth 

As we stated above, DirectDrop Voicemail provides flexibility for your agents to have more bandwidth. Instead of calling, waiting and fruitlessly listening to nobody answer their outbound calls, they’ll be able to focus all of their time on answering inbound calls. By setting the campaign speed to send voicemails out at the right pace, they’ll be able to manage the number of inbound calls they receive per hour, increasing their bandwidth to take on inbound calls. 

3. You Put the Ball in Your Consumer’s Court 

The more choice and flexibility you give consumers, the more positive calls you receive from consumers with resolution on their minds. By leaving a voicemail without the intrusion of a call you put the ball back in your consumer’s court and empower them to call you back – leading to more inbound calls. 

Interested in learning more about how DirectDrop can help your business improve flexibility? Contact us here, and a member of our team will get back to you quickly! 

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