We have to reach our customers one way or another. These interactions are necessary—it’s a part of doing business. 

But how you handle those interactions and the way we choose to communicate with those customers goes a long way in creating an overall positive experience for them. A voicemail campaign is a quick, unintrusive way to compliantly contact your entire customer base with information that’s important to them. 

Here are some ways a voicemail campaign can help create a better customer experience for your business. 

No More Interruptions

This is a big one. How many times have you been interrupted by a call you weren’t expecting? What emotions went through your mind at that moment? 

Were you happy to get the call from a complete stranger?

Chances are the answer is no, especially considering the prevalence of unwanted scam calls asking for five minutes of our day to extend our car’s warranty. A DirectDrop voicemail campaign leaves a message without the intrusion of a phone call, and this frees customers up to call you when they are ready to respond, which leads to a much better customer experience. 

First-Call Resolution

If you’ve ever had an “intrusive call” from a business, then the interaction that followed was likely not a good one. 

But using a voicemail campaign to contact your customers and giving them the opportunity to reach out to a business at their convenience is one of the best ways to promote a positive experience both for your employees and customers. When customers have the option to call back, they often do so with a much friendlier tone ready to resolve the issue they were contacted about on their first call. 

So you don’t have to worry about contacting multiple times a week in order to get a resolution. You give the control back to customers and show them you do care about their time.

Show them you care

Giving your customers the option to contact you when they are ready shows them you’ve taken their feelings into consideration.

A voicemail campaign is the best way to contact your customers to resolve an issue of a missed payment or notify them of upcoming appointments, but it’s also a great tool to use to send customers messages thanking them for their support for your business. Showing them appreciation helps go a long way to helping your business’ image and how customers view your service. 
If you would like to learn more about how a voicemail campaign can help your business create a better customer experience, reach out to us! We would love to help you.

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