Even after the Do Not Call List, we all still receive solicitor phone calls on our mobile phones. Some even receive multiple calls each day – myself included. It’s annoying, to say the least, and a highly ineffective means of reaching potential buyers.

Like me, I’m sure you ignore those unknown numbers you see popping up on your phone. This leads consumers to ignore all calls they get on their phones after a while, leading to decreased effectiveness of collectors’ calls.

What if there was a workaround?

Imagine as a consumer, your phone never rings but you receive a ding notification that you have a voicemail. You’re more than likely going to listen to it when you have the time to see who it’s from and what it’s regarding. It never bothered you by ringing, and you don’t start out angry. And it works.


Here are the top psychological reasons why direct voicemail dropping works:

  • It’s on the consumer’s time. By leaving a voicemail without ever ringing, we’re putting the power in the consumer’s hands. They’re able to call back on their own time, when they’re ready, rather than be forced into a conversation at an inconvenient time.
  • We don’t like unrecognized phone numbers. When we see a call from a phone number that we don’t recognize, we immediately begin wondering who it is and whether or not it would be beneficial to answer. We begin feeling the anxiety of wanting to ignore it, but not wanting to miss something important. Bypassing this and giving the customer all the information they need in a voicemail means they’re likely to have a more positive reaction.
  • Customers feel the need to check their notifications. That little “1” next to the phone icon calls us. We feel the need to clear that notification and see what it’s about. There’s something about the alert that makes us feel as if we can’t let it sit.
  • Customers feel the need to respond. When we get a text message or an email, we not only feel the need to clear the notification, we also feel the need to respond. When we don’t, we’re left with the feeling of a conversation left opened and something left unresponded.

There are so many more reasons why direct voicemail dropping is a successful way to reach customers in the collections industry. We’d love to be able to talk with you more and get you started. Reach out to us here.

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