A call center’s productivity is one of their most important KPIs, yet many still find themselves falling short of their productivity goals. More often than not, the main influencer in a missed productivity goal is a lack of conversions on calls. Fortunately, there is one simple way to increase call center productivity and convert on those calls; empowerment.

How to solve the productivity gap through empowerment:

When a call is made, there are two core components that factor into the success of the call; the agent making the call, and the consumer that answers. In order for a call to convert, each party needs to feel as though the action they’re taking will result in the best possible outcome per their interest. In other words, the consumer needs to feel empowered to pay their debts, and the agent empowered to make it happen.

Finding a way to empower both the agent and the consumer to convert on a call is where many call centers fall short. The easiest and most simple approach to manifesting a conversion by both parties is by using DirectDrop Voicemail technology to stimulate inbound calls.

How DirectDrop Voicemail can empower agents and consumers while increasing call center productivity

  • Consumer Empowerment: In today’s world, consumers are desiring a more open-ended approach that allows them to make decisions on their own time. Call centers can leverage this change in consumer preference by using DirectDrop Voicemail. This technology gives consumers the ability to call back and pay their debts at a time that is convenient for them, rather than unexpectedly receiving a call when they’re unprepared to handle their finances. In short, consumers are more likely to want to handle their outstanding debts when they feel that they’re the ones in control of the situation.
  • Agent Empowerment: One of the biggest issues agents face is task-saturation. In order for a call center to be profitable, it needs to reach a large number of consumers. When it comes to outbound calls, it can be hard to generate the callbacks and answers that you want with the unpredictability of the consumer on the other end. By using DirectDrop Voicemail technology, agents are able to spend less time making outbound calls and more time handling leads from inbound calls. When they receive more inbound than outbound calls, more time will be spent having productive conversations and collecting money than leaving voicemails, drastically increasing both their efficiency and productivity.

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