Even though credit unions are experiencing a time of distinct growth (14%), getting on the phone with members is still a challenge as they often ignore calls from unknown numbers. Fortunately, there is one credit union technology that’s changing the game completely, improving your member experience and helping them stay current on payments; and that’s DirectDrop Voicemail solutions. 

What is DirectDrop Voicemail?

DirectDrop Voicemail allows credit unions to bypass the barriers of automatic call blocking by dropping a voicemail into the consumer’s mobile voice mailbox without ever calling the phone.   

How DirectDrop Voicemail Can Help Credit Unions

The biggest concern of any credit union is growing delinquency rates. By leveraging the powerful capabilities of DirectDrop Voicemail, credit unions are able to better manage member debt in order to temper potentially growing delinquency rates while still delivering members with the familiar confidence they expect. 

This means your staff can:

  1. Reach more contact in less time.
  2. Leave multiple DirectDrop Voicemails for the price of one manual dial.
  3. Generate immensely more inbound calls from members ready to talk.
  4. Empower members to take action commensurate with their schedule.
  5. Reduce delinquency.
  6. Enable collection representatives to spend time answering quality inbound calls from members looking for resolution, rather than “dialing for dollars”.

It’s time to change the way you do business with your members with DirectDrop Voicemail. Ready to reach more members and drive more calls and payments? Reach out to us here and we’ll get you started with a free demo

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