Statistics show that collections agencies in 2020 averaged between 7.5% and 50% collections rate for each account (Business News Daily). In the U.S., the TCPA imposes restrictions on who can be called, what can be said and what day/time calls can take place, and which devices can be contacted. These challenges are pervasive across the collections industry. 

According to Thomson Reuters, two of the four biggest challenges facing collections agencies today are difficulty identifying and contacting debtors and difficulty collecting from a significant number of debtors. To circumvent these issues, collections agencies are slowly adopting voicemail dropping. 

Here are a few ways to combat these collection agency challenges with VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail: 

Easily Contact Debtors

We get it, contacting people is challenging, especially in regard to debt. With DirectDrop Voicemail, consumers are empowered to resolve their business on their own terms. Our voicemail dropping tool leaves a voicemail on a consumer’s mobile phone. It works by making a direct connection from the carrier switch to the carrier’s voicemail platform, rather than the mobile device itself. The consumer receives a voicemail alert, allowing them to contact you when they are ready.

This allows you to instantly reach consumers and leave customized messages. 

Reach More Consumers in Less Time 

With our DirectDrop Voicemail tool, you easily contact a large group of people with scalability by simply pressing a button and running a voicemail campaign to thousands of individuals. 

By contacting consumers this way, you can: 

  • Reach more contacts in less time
  • Generate 4x the inbound calls from customers seeking a resolution
  • Enable collection agents to spend time answering quality inbound calls from customers
  • Increase collections and reduce delinquency
  • Generate repeat business (a friendlier way to remarket)
  • Easily follow up on applications

Explore our previous blog posts on our DirectDrop Voicemail features and get to know our own DirectDrop tool here. If you have any additional questions, we would love to help! You can contact us here. 

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