If you work for a utility company—gas, electricity, telephone, public works—there are times when you will need to contact your customers quickly. 

A voicemail message is a great way to reach your customer base in a safe, secure way at scale and send out thousands of alert messages in a matter of minutes. 

A voicemail campaign is just another tool in your arsenal to make sure your customers stay informed. 

Here are some of the ways voicemail can be used by your utility company:

  1. Let your customers know about appointments: Whether you’re moving into a new house and having services installed, or having someone come work to make a repair, a voicemail message is a great way to leave instructions for customers about when and where they need to meet you and if there’s anything they need to handle to make the appointment a smoother process for everyone involved. 
  2. Notify customers of outages: Outages happen. They are definitely a pain point for customers, but unfortunately, they are often beyond anyone’s control. A voicemail message can alert customers of outages in their area and give you an opportunity to jump out in front of any calls or complaints that would likely be coming your way. You can also provide information like an estimate of a time when the repair will be completed and services turned back on. 
  3. Notify customers when payments are due: There are some times when you will need to contact a customer to let them know a payment has either been rejected or is past due. You can use a voicemail message to alert customers and give them instructions to respond to you when they are ready to resolve issues with their accounts. 

A voicemail campaign is one of the best ways for your utility company to contact customers with them in mind. You are able to offer a solution for resolution and make sure they are informed at all times. 

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