Whether the power goes out city-wide, there’s an important boil water advisory you need to send out, or you need to inform customers of payments due, quickly and effectively reaching your customers is a vital part of maintaining positive interactions for those in the utility collections sector. 

However, when these events occur, handling thousands of inbound calls from customers seeking resolution can be incredibly difficult without the agent bandwidth, and outsourcing to third-party agencies can be both expensive and complicated with TCPA restrictions. 

Fortunately, DirectDrop Voicemail technology is helping businesses to immediately inform thousands of customers of important updates in a matter so minutes, minimizing inbound calls and empowering customers to seek resolution online when they’re ready.

How It Works:

1. Creating a customized message:

DirectDrop Voicemail allows you to create a customized voicemail message to send to your list of customers. You can either upload a pre-recorded voice message file into your campaign, or call your own mobile phone and record a message on there to be directly uploaded into the DirectDrop Voicemail software. Whichever route you choose, the voicemail you create will be 100% customized to the type of message you need to relay to your customers.

2. Sending the message to your customers: 

DirectDrop Voicemail takes your uploaded list of customers and intelligently scrubs them to find mobile numbers that can receive a mobile voicemail message. Those who cannot receive these messages, such as landline numbers or those who you have individually restricted, will be taken out of the list before you officially launch the campaign. 

3. Reaching your consumers:

Unlike a traditional manual call, launching a campaign with DirectDrop Voicemail allows you to reach an extensive list of consumers in a matter of minutes, at the touch of a button. Once you have confirmed you have the appropriate voicemail message and list of contacts, simply click the launch button and your message will be quickly delivered to your contacts giving them the important information they need. 

Benefits of DirectDrop Voicemail

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Because DirectDrop Voicemail allows you to customize your voicemail message, your customers will feel a higher sense of trust, confidence and peace of mind when they receive a message from an actual person.
  • Reduced Inbound Calls: By leaving voice messages with information specific to their location and event, you will receive less inbound calls from consumers asking event-specific questions. 
  • Higher Payment Rates: Sometimes all it takes for customers to pay their utility bills is a friendly reminder. Because many customers will not answer a phone call from an unknown number, a voicemail sent directly to their voicemail box will allow you to reach them without intrusion, empowering them to make payments when they can.

Ready to see how DirectDrop Voicemail can help your business? Reach out to us here and we’ll get you started with a free demo.

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