With the emergence of the digital age, consumers have become increasingly independent. And with this newfound independence has come a push for personalized communication methods. For those of us in the ARM industry, we’ve relied heavily on more traditional routes of communication such as direct mail, email, and unsolicited phone calls. However, it’s time we buckle and and ride this new wave by adopting new communication software like VoApps’.

What is VoApps’ Communication Software?

DirectDrop Voicemail allows users to leave voice messages without the intrusion of a call. This lets consumers respond at their convenience while agents stay focused on answering incoming calls instead of less efficient outbound dialing. 

How DirectDrop Creates Better Interactions

Your consumers want you to meet them where they are. This can be seen all around us in our everyday lives. Movie and TV streaming platforms are now available via mobile apps at the touch of a button, boarding passes conveniently located in our Apple Wallets, and even online ordering at our favorite fast-food restaurants. 

Consumers want options when it comes to how you communicate with them. For example, say you have a consumer in their early 30s who has a big family and not enough hours in the day to do it all. If you hit them with an unsolicited call as soon as they’re trying to put a kid to bed, or during family dinner, your first touchpoint (that initial interaction) is going to be a negative one. 

However, if you utilize DirectDrop Voicemail and bypass the intrusion of a call with a message sent straight to their voice mailbox, that first touchpoint will be perceived as more of a positive one. This then empowers consumers to callback on their own time, when they’re ready – and when a consumer takes that initiative to get in contact with you, it’s because they genuinely want to. 

Want to see how DirectDrop works for yourself? We’d love to get you started with a free demo!

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