Did you know that mobile phone users check their voicemail on average 22 times a day? It’s true, and this means that voicemail remains a critical front door to reaching individuals. We believe all consumers want to pay their debts, they just don’t want to be ambushed. That’s why we created DirectDrop Voicemail! 

DirectDrop Voicemail leaves a voice message without the intrusion of a call. This allows a consumer to respond at their convenience while your agents stay focused on answering incoming calls instead of less efficient outbound dialing. Sounds great, but how does it work?

The system creates a landline-to-landline connection to the end-users’ voicemail platform – not the mobile phone. Therefore, this is not a violation of TCPA regulations. DirectDrop Voicemail connects directly from the switch to the voicemail server housed at the carrier’s data center, which then relays the message-waiting notification to the end-user.

This results in an increase in positive interactions with consumers and leads. In fact, more than 60% of the responses to the voicemails come within the first two hours after the message is delivered. 

Have additional questions on how DirectDrop Voicemail works? Reach out to us here and we’ll schedule a time to chat!

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