​​Technology has changed the world we live in today. At VoApps, our business is built upon technology and the power of one simple tool, DirectDrop Voicemail, to reach millions of people. We’ve come so far since 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell developed the first phone. Let’s take a look at how phone communication has become what it is today with the evolution of the phone: 

Evolution of the Phone 


  • In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented the first telephone. 
  • In 1877, the first telephone lines were constructed in Massachusetts as a part of the Bell Telephone Company.

Early 1900s: 

  • In 1905, the first phone that was able to dial a number was invented by Almon B. Strowger. This development eliminated the need for switchboards. 
  • In 1930, Henry Dreyfuss created the first “modern” telephone.  

Late 1900s: 

  • Skipping decades ahead to the 1970s, AT&T started experimenting with a phone that could send images during a call. The idea was actually said to be too expensive but started the movement toward video calls. 
  • Jumping to the ‘80s, VoIP systems, caller ID, and mobile phones started developing. In 1989, the Motorola MicroTac9800X, the first modernized cell phone, was released. 
  • The 1990s were huge for the telephone industry – the first “smartphone”, the IBM Simon, was released, making history and setting the stage for Blackberry and the iPhone.


  • The iPhone made its debut in 2007, and this, as we all know, drastically changed the game. 
  • Throughout the 2000s, phones started coming out with higher resolution screens, improved cameras, and new features like maps, Siri, and books.

We can now use our phones for practically anything at any time! Technology is always changing and reshaping the way we do things. For more of our technology insights click here. 

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