When it comes to working for or owning a medical collection agency, your number one priority is to get patients to pay on their debts. Because of the sensitivity of the topic – both because of the financial and medical components – it can be difficult to effectively and efficiently reach such a high volume of patients. 

Fortunately, DirectDrop Voicemail technology has plenty of features that many hospital groups, healthcare systems, practices, and collection agencies are already using to contact thousands of patients in a matter of minutes. 

What is DirectDrop Voicemail?

Features for Medical Collection Agencies

  • Custom campaigns: Allows you to create an unlimited number of customized campaigns that will deliver your patients as designated voicemail straight to their mobile phones at the push of a button.
  • Time sensitivity: Allows you to choose designated times to send out campaigns (with timezone safeguard) to remind patients of their current balances and/or upcoming payments.
  • Professional recording: DirectDrop Voicemail offers several options for recording custom messages, clients have the option to have one of our professional voice talents record a message for them.
  • Discretion capabilities: Because both finances and health are such personal topics, Direct Drop Voicemail allows patients to call back at their convenience with any questions or go directly to a website you provide them via voicemail.

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