What makes a successful collection agent? Successfully getting debtors to pay doesn’t just happen; it comes from a combination of many things that make you successful.

It takes a certain type of person to excel in this profession. By spending some time honing in on these skills and preparing yourself for the days ahead, you’ll be able to find success.

Our top 6 tips to become a successful collection agent:

  1. Prepare. Anticipate the questions your debtors may have on the phone. What happens if they can’t pay? What are the bankruptcy procedures? How will this debt affect them? What are their options? Know that the people you talk to each day will have plenty of questions and will likely ask them all to you, especially if this is the first human contact they’ve had about this debt.
  2. Stay positive. Preparing also goes beyond knowing answers to questions; prepare your mind and yourself for talking to people all day long. A positive attitude can go a long way and can make all the difference in your phone call. This is likely a sensitive subject for your debtor, so they don’t want to feel even more negativity around it. Show them that there is a way out and that you’re here to help.
  3. Listen. You’ll never get anywhere as a collection agent without listening and empathizing with your debtor on the phone. If your primary objective is to tell instead of to talk, then you minimize your chance of resolving the issue in a timely manner. Show the person on the other end that you empathize with them and understand them. Never assume that they don’t want to pay their debts or that they’re unable to pay; ask them questions and guide them through this process.
  4. Communicate clearly. People often feel scared or cornered by unfamiliar industry terms and don’t fully understand what it is that you need from them. Communicate in clear, human terms what it is that you need them to do and how you can help. Avoid using terms or phrases that they may not understand and never talk down to them. Ensure they know exactly what is needed from them, and give them time to ask questions if they’re still confused or concerned.
  5. Know your risks and stay compliant. Always stay up to date on FDCPA and TCPA regulations and know what you can and cannot do or say. Do your research and ask questions to your superior. Make sure you’re protecting yourself and your agency.
  6. Manage your time efficiently. You likely have a lot of debtors you need to communicate with each day. Manage your time efficiently to ensure you’re contacting as many as you can in a timely manner. The best way to be efficient is to eliminate the calling process. With DirectDrop voicemail, a voicemail is sent directly to your consumer asking them to call you back on their time. That means no more spending time leaving messages or getting hung up on; the hard part is done for you. Instead, you have more time to talk to the people who are ready to talk, leading to more debts resolved.


If you’d like to learn more about how DirectDrop voicemail can help you as a collection agent, reach out to us here.

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