Maintaining a competitive advantage in the collections industry can be tricky. It’s all about customer service and standing out.

As 2019 begins, there are a few call center trends you should keep an eye on and consider implementing to start the year strong. This will surely give you a competitive advantage in the industry.

5 Call Center Trends to Watch this Year

  1. Voice Messaging will Grow. Voice messaging is quickly becoming the preferred way to communicate with others. People are starting to prefer quick voice memos over long, drawn-out texts or phone calls. For call centers taking advantage of the efficiency of voicemails, the year is destined to bring a great ROI.
  2. Greater AI Technology Implementation. AI technology has been the trend in almost every industry. Now, it’s our turn to be at the forefront. Whether it be predictive analytics or multichannel communication strategies, technology is going to drive business success this year.
  3. Self Service and Automation will Rise. Gartner predicts that by 2020 consumers will manage 85% of the relationship between themselves and a business without interacting with a single human. Be on the lookout for comprehensive self-service strategies that allow consumers to handle their issues on their own time through automation tactics. Think chatbots, video training, etc. Convenience is a priority.
  4. More use of the Cloud. Many call centers will begin to leverage the cloud in a variety of ways: remote employees, omnichannel service, collaboration tools, data and analytics software, etc. The cloud helps streamline your business and eases frustrations of consumers when they don’t have to explain themselves one hundred times.
  5. Greater Focus on Performance and Productivity. More call centers are putting an increased emphasis on effective cost management, which will drive an increased focus on performance and productivity. With agent utilization sinking below 60% on average, there’s plenty of room for improving the return on your largest investment: your staff.

Many of the coming trends help to improve processes and consumer interactions. 2019 is the year to bridge the gap between you and the consumer through technology. Regardless of how well-established your call center may be, no one can afford to underestimate the power of positive customer experiences.

If you don’t adapt, you risk hurting not only your consumer experience, but your business as well. Have any trends you’re keeping an eye on that we don’t have on our list? Let us know!

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