Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’re always going to have some form of competition. Whether it comes from large corporations or smaller family-owned businesses, competition is competition. With so many call centers active in the industry, it can be tough to find a driving factor that differentiates your business from the others. To give you a leg up over your competitors, try implementing one (or a few) of these innovative call center ideas into your business.

1. Cross-Train Agents

Your agents are your biggest asset. They’re both the first and last touchpoint for consumers needing or looking to pay on their debts. Since your agents play such a fundamental part in the flow of your business, it’s only logical to cross-train them in areas that they’d benefit from. Agents who wear several different hats not only have a shorter average time handle, but they also tend to cultivate stronger consumer relationships. The last thing you want a consumer to experience is getting transferred three different times until they reach someone who can answer their question. 

2. Use a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are designed specifically for businesses to cultivate stronger, more personalized consumer experiences. Using a CRM in your call center can increase the quality of your agent-to-consumer interactions. It can also help you better track things such as average handle time, previous histories, and personal preferences. Not only will using a CRM drive a better ROI from stronger consumer interactions, but it’ll also help you stand out from other call centers. 

3. DirectDrop Voicemail

In today’s increasingly technology-driven world, utilizing technology in business practices is vital to maintaining a strong place in the market. However, when deciding to leverage technology to give you a competitive edge, it’s important to choose one that will improve operations, drive an ROI, and most importantly, enhance your consumer’s experience.

With DirectDrop Voicemail, call centers are able to reach more consumers than ever before, in a non-intrusive, consumer-friendly way. In lieu of manually dialing or catching customers at an inconvenient time, our DirectDrop Voicemail technology can deliver thousands of friendly voicemails on your behalf in minutes. With this innovative, powerful technology, your business will see an ROI like no other. 

Reach out to us here for more information on how DirectDrop Voicemail can help your business.

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