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For the first time, the majority of American adults are wireless-only when it comes to phone service, and that number is over 70% for adults 25-34.*

Given the current regulations on mobile contacts in the credit and collections industry, the businesses that get ahead are the ones that are the first to employ new technologies for getting those mobile consumers to call them to make payments.

VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail delivers a voice message directly to the voicemail box - without calling the phone.

VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail will give you:

Increased Inbound Calls

  • Transform your call center into an inbound shop
  • Make agent time more productive - more negotiating, less dialing
  • Improve agent morale

More Dollars Collected

  • Scale the number of consumers you can contact on mobile phones - thousands of messages left in a matter of minutes
  • Empower consumers to call on their schedule to make a payment
  • Much less contentious conversations

Higher Liquidation Rates

  • Collect on a higher proportion of your client debt
  • Earn more business from happier existing clients
  • Win new clients

Our patented technology provides a cost-effective, compliant solution for collections centers to reach mobile consumers. We believe that consumers want to pay their debt… but they are very busy and don’t like intrusions. A voice message without the intrusion of a call allows a consumer to deal with the issue at their convenience... which is good for business.


  • Consumers are not interrupted during their busy day with a call.
  • Gives the consumer the option of responding when they have time and have resolution on their mind.
  • DirectDrop Voicemail provides a landline-to-landline connection to leave a voice message on the server rack. No call to the mobile phone is ever made with an open voice channel.

  • Because a voicemail can easily be sent directly to the voicemail box of all of your mobile contacts, messages can be delivered much more efficiently than manually dialing a mobile number.
  • DirectDrop Voicemail costs less than a quarter of the cost of a manual dial. Reach all of your mobile customers with voicemail at a fraction of the cost.
  • Enable your agents to focus on inbound traffic, making the most of valuable staff resources.

  • Reach elusive mobile customers, enhancing collections opportunities.
  • Establish a more frequent communications cadence with customers, which translates into increased collections.
  • Messages generate inbound calls from consumers who are ready to resolve their debt issues.


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*According to a study by the US Health Department, released May 2017

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