VoApps is an Atlanta-based technology company that provides innovative voicemail solutions to helps businesses reach mobile contacts with consideration and compliance. We have patented solutions that optimize collections and call center efficiency.

DirectDrop Voicemail – our flagship solution - delivers a voice message directly to the consumer's voicemail server – without calling their phone.  Over 100 million messages have been delivered to mobile users with DirectDrop Voicemail... and that number grows daily.

VoApps was incubated at Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center and partly funded by the State of Georgia. VoApps was named one of the Top 40 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia, recognized for its innovation, financial impact, and efforts to spread the state's technology efforts throughout the US and globally.

In 2017, VoApps was recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the fastest growing private companies in the Atlanta metropolitan area.


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People Powering VoApps

Mark Chapman

Mark is responsible for all areas of the company.  He brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial, operational and financial leadership to his companies, the most recent being Vendormate, Inc., a SaaS-based healthcare company which automates the supply chain and vendor relationships for hospitals and health systems.  In his roles for pre-revenue start ups to $100+ million annual revenue companies, Mr. Chapman has led all aspects of operations, business development, finance, accounting, HR, legal, operations, and IT.  

Mark Chapman has a proven track record for growing companies and increasing their value by building strong teams and expanding into new markets. This experience, combined with his strong finance and operational background helps customers get the best experience with each interaction with the VoApps team.

Paul Gies
Senior Vice President, Sales

Paul runs the sales organization for VoApps, working with the team to deliver robust voicemail delivery solutions that reach mobile consumers and increase collections for our customers.

He has more than two decades of leadership experience for successful technology companies, both for public enterprises and private start-ups. Most recently Paul lead the Business Development arm at Cbeyond where he was responsible for identifying, negotiating and executing key strategic business partnerships for the company. Prior to that Paul successfully lead sales and product management teams at Cbeyond, Earthlink and Motorola.

Paul's expertise in product management, telecom technology, and business management equip him to support customers with compelling solutions that will drive workplace efficiencies and business success.

Scott Key
Vice President, Finance and HR

Scott leads VoApps’ Financial team providing financial statements, forecasts, financial and operational metrics to the owners’ group, the CEO, and SVP of Sales.  His responsibilities extend to contract negotiations as well as Human Resources.

Scott has approximately 20 years of diverse accounting and operations experience.  His experience spans a diverse spectrum of business frameworks, from publicly traded companies, to international partnerships, to entrepreneurial firms, as well as private equity back companies.  He has been fortunate to have worked through a multitude of business cycles, including start-up, accelerated growth, consolidation, and merger/acquisition. 

His diverse experience provides him with a distinct perspective and practical approach to problem solving and continuous improvement. His expertise in financial reporting, company policy and procedures, training, and team building, gives VoApps the infrastructure that is needed to grow while being efficient in delivering the product to the customer.

Neal Jagoda
Vice President, Sales

Neal’s experience over the past 25 years in founding and running companies, as well as managing sales organizations for telecom technology companies, means that he understands the day-to-day business challenges of VoApps’ customers.

Most recently, Neal was co-founder and president of the innovative company, StarVoice, which provided celebrity-personalized voicemails, ringtones, and mobile content for consumers and corporate customers. He also founded an investment partnership, and ran North American sales for Wireless Car (an Ericsson-Volvo joint venture) and sales for Schlumberger/SEMA.

Kirby Miller
Sales Director

A practitioner in the Collections and Call Center industry for the last 10 years, Kirby has shared his knowledge with VoApps to improve product features and client relationships. Kirby launched his career at MBNA, which later merged with Bank of America. While working in the credit card line of business, Kirby ascended through Loss Prevention, Sales, and Consumer Marketing. Recently, Mr. Miller served as Call Center Manager for MacFarlane Group where he directed Lending Operations, Recovery Operations, and Product Development. Kirby Miller graduated with honors from Shippensburg University.

Samantha McCuen
Senior Account Manager

Samantha is an integral part of our Customer Success Team where she works as an Account Manager.  She is a graduate of Clemson University and spent the last five years working in hospitality and real estate management in Charleston, SC and Chicago, IL before moving to Atlanta, GA.  Her background in customer service and portfolio management enable her to provide ongoing support to all of our customers while ensuring they become successful users of DirectDrop Voicemail.

Jonathan Augenstine

Jonathan drives technology innovation for VoApps.

An accomplished telephony engineer with more than three decades of experience spanning a broad number of companies and technologies, he is the co-author of a patent for “adaptive signaling (Adapti-Sig) for network performance measurement, access and control,” which activates network features like voicemail. The Adapti-Sig technology is the foundation for VoApps' flagship product, DirectDrop Voicemail