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"After twenty years of hiring support staff with varying degrees of success, I have found a way to get the same outbound calling production at a fraction of the cost. Some of the investors call back without even listening to my message because they see a voicemail from my number. This is ultimately the purpose of the call anyway...to connect with them on the phone."
NYC Commercial Real Estate Broker

Do the majority of your calls go to Voicemail?

If so, why not try a new strategy to reach your mobile contacts?  According to a recent study by the Hiya Group, 96% of unknown calls go unanswered.  However that same study found that the majority of customers prefer to be contacted by voice over all other communication channels.  Respectful and conscious use of our patented service will generate similar results in minutes that would have normally taken hours if not days to achieve.

Those Who Can Benefit from DirectDrop Voicemail:

Business Development Reps/Salespeople

Real Estate, Financial Planning, Insurance, Tech, Automotive Sales/Service

Lenders and Collection Agencies

First/Third Party Collections, Banks, Credit Unions

Organizations and Institutions

Universities, Colleges, Schools, Government, Charities, Nonprofits

Service Companies

Healthcare and Utilities

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Add another tool to the sales prospecting or engagement toolbelt with Voapps patented DirectDrop Voicemail technology.

Results from using our service:

  1. Increased resource efficiency
  2. Improved engagement with mobile contacts
  3. Grow the reach and exposure of your business/institution/brand at scale
  4. Provide a message of value personally to a mobile contact
  5. Ability to streamline one of the steps of a cadence in business development/sales prospecting
  6. Enhanced productivity by driving inbound calls --> Team efficiency
  7. Improve team morale

Are you ready to increase your reach and connect with more of your mobile contacts on a personal level?

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