AMCOL + DirectDrop Voicemail

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Collections have soared since we started using DirectDrop Voicemail service. The investment has paid off in a big way. We now reach tens of thousands of mobile contacts with compliance.”
“VoApps helps speed up the turnaround time significantly. Used in combination with inbound agents, we are able to get through to those who are willing to pay more quickly.”
IT Directors, Bonneville Collections
“Our call center explodes every time we do a DirectDrop Voicemail campaign.”
VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Finance System, Inc

AMCOL is committed to staying on the cutting edge

With the most efficient tools on the market we can recover more for our clients in less time, meaning the most to your bottom line. The results are happier patients making more payments, all while remaining safe and protecting your interests.

Bring the greatest return on investment to your clients. Have questions?

The DirectDrop Difference:

  • Fewer calls to consumers
  • Increases dollars collected and liquidation rates
  • Instant and measurable
  • 4x the inbound calls; 4x the chance to collect money
  • More contacts in less time
  • Higher response rate (than text or email)

Get up and running in as little as one day.

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See your potential return on investment with our ROI calculator.

ROI calculator

ROI Calculator

Enter your current metrics below to get an idea of your potential return on investment if you used DirectDrop Voicemail.

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You should expect to make about ${{ roi | formatNumber }} for every dollar you spend on DirectDrop Voicemail.

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How it Works

DirectDrop Voicemail is safe and consumer friendly. The platform unintrusively leaves a voicemail to be returned on the consumer’s own time.

1. Directdrop platform server sends voicemail to carrier switch

2. Unlike a traditional call, carrier switch transfers to voicemail server instead of tower

3. After voicemail deposit, carrier voicemail server sends “message waiting” notification to phone

DirectDrop Platform Carrier Switch Carrier Tower Carrier Voicemail Server Voicemail Indicator Mobile Contact