How does DirectDrop Voicemail Service reduce costs?

Costs Less than Manual Dial

  • DirectDrop Voicemail is less than half of the cost of a manual dial.
  • Reach all of your mobile customers with voicemail at a fraction of the cost!

More Reliable Scrub

  • The service is direct feedback from the telephone backbone, not merely a data match.
  • Allows you to focus efforts on real numbers.

Generate Inbound Calls

  • Allows your agents to focus on inbound traffic.
  • Consumers are ready to resolve their debt issues. It’s why they’ve initiated (initiated) the call!

How does DirectDrop Voicemail Service expand your reach?

Consumers Appreciate Not Being Ambushed

  • They receive a voicemail alert and listen when it’s convenient for them.
  • They are comfortable with asynchronous communication.

They Respond to the Voice Message

  • More than 50% of the responses come within the first two hours after message delivery.
  • More than 95% of the call-backs to voicemail messages occur within 24 hours!

A Resolution Frame of Mind

  • They are ready for resolution when they dial in!

How does DirectDrop Voicemail Service generate results?

Not Magic, Just Inbound Calls

  • Focus your most valuable resource on resolving consumer issues, not outbound calls.

Being More Cost-Effective Means...

  • You can reach all of your mobile contacts...
  • …more frequently.

Turn Your Call Center into a Profit Center

  • More inbound calls = more collections.
  • It’s simple math!

What problems does DirectDrop Voicemail Service solve?

We believe that consumers want to meet their obligations and pay their debts... but they are very busy and don’t like being ambushed. A voice message without the intrusion of a call allows a consumer to deal with the issue at their convenience.

In addition, today’s consumer is highly mobile: 90% of Americans own a mobile phone and more than 50% of U.S. households only have a mobile phone instead of a landline. This increased mobility, coupled with industry regulation, has made it more challenging to reach customers. 

Is DirectDrop Voicemail Service compliant?

We choose to work only with responsible businesses that comply with TCPA and FDCPA regulations.

DirectDrop Voicemail Service provides a landline-to-landline connection to leave a voice message on the server rack. No call to the mobile phone is ever made with an open voice channel.


How long does it take to launch a DirectDrop Voicemail campaign? How much does DirectDrop Voicemail Service cost?

Your campaign can be launched within minutes.

DirectDrop Voicemail is less than a quarter the cost of a manual dial. All of your mobile contacts can be reached at a fraction of the cost.

Because a voicemail can easily be sent directly to the voicemail box of mobile consumers, messages can be delivered much more efficiently than manually dialing a mobile number. Our tiered pricing structure is based on volume and frequency. Contact us to discuss pricing for your needs.