How Technology Improves Human Interaction

Posted by VoApps on 1/23/19 8:00 AM
In the world of call centers and collections agencies, the one thing that always stays consistent, no matter how much the industry changes, is the importance of human interaction.
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4 Steps to Implementing New Technology

Posted by VoApps on 1/16/19 8:00 AM
Adding new technology to your business is both exciting and empowering. Well-implemented technology comes with lots of benefits, but navigating through the implementation process can be tricky.
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How Technology Can Lead To Call Center Improvement

Posted by VoApps on 8/31/18 7:56 AM
The efficiency of your call center is critical to the success of your business. But for a place that’s usually known for its stressful environment and pressures, it can be tough. Your agents are dealing with complaints and countless inquiries from customers, spending their entire day on the phone. ...
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Ding. "You've Got a Voicemail."

Posted by Todd Santa Maria on 5/25/18 4:20 PM
 3 minute read   We’ve all heard the “You’ve Got Mail” phrase from AOL years ago. Well, now it’s time for “You’ve Got a Voicemail”.
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The Importance of Testing Your Strategy

Posted by Todd Santa Maria on 4/28/17 4:37 PM
 3 minute read
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