The Mathematical Advantages of Direct Voicemail Drop

Posted by VoApps on 11/20/18 9:00 AM
 The collection industry is a numbers game, and it’s time to address the mathematical advantages of direct voicemail drop.
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The Psychology of Direct Voicemail Dropping

Posted by Todd Santa Maria on 11/14/18 9:00 AM
 Even after the Do Not Call List, we all still receive solicitor phone calls on our mobile phones. Some even receive multiple calls each day – myself included. It’s annoying, to say the least, and a highly ineffective means of reaching potential buyers.
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Navigating TCPA with DirectDrop Voicemail

Posted by VoApps on 10/17/18 9:00 AM
 The majority of American adults use their cell phone as their only number, and that proportion is over 70% for adults 25-34 (source: US Health Department study, released May 2017). Landlines just aren’t a thing anymore. But that creates a major problem for those in the collections industry.  
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Ding. "You've Got a Voicemail."

Posted by Todd Santa Maria on 5/25/18 4:20 PM
 3 minute read   We’ve all heard the “You’ve Got Mail” phrase from AOL years ago. Well, now it’s time for “You’ve Got a Voicemail”.
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DirectDrop Voicemail - Easy To Use

Posted by Samantha McCuen on 1/9/18 11:38 AM
DirectDrop Voicemail requires no systems integration and offers an intuitive Web-based interface - simply record your message and upload your mobile contacts - then launch your campaign and start answering inbound calls from consumers motivated for resolution.
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