5 Call Center Trends to Watch in 2019

Posted by VoApps on 1/9/19 8:00 AM
Maintaining a competitive advantage in the collections industry can be tricky. It’s all about customer service and standing out.
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The Top 2 Challenges Facing Today's Collections Agencies

Posted by VoApps on 11/7/18 9:00 AM
 There are many challenges facing today’s collection agencies. Other than new technology, ever-changing regulations, and the challenge of reaching consumers, there are many things that collection agencies must deal with regularly. It’s important to make the proper decisions for your business in ...
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How to Generate Collections Callbacks - Really!

Posted by VoApps on 10/24/18 9:00 AM
 What do you do to help generate collections callbacks? Third-party collections agencies average about 20% recovery on delinquent debt. However, this is using traditional methods of calling would-be payers on the phone and attempting to reach a live person or leaving a voicemail.  
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Changing the Collections Ballgame

Posted by VoApps on 10/10/18 9:00 AM
 The collections industry is a numbers game. An agent calls customers for hours on end only to be yelled at, hung up on, and largely ignored by most dialed parties. This is a highly ineffective and old practice that needs to change. It’s time to change the collections game.  
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Increase Your Call Center Efficiency

Posted by Samantha McCuen on 1/9/18 11:38 AM
To increase your profitibility, you need to reach mobile consumers. Our patented and proprietary solution delivers a voicemail directly to your contacts, saving your call center both time and money.
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